#IkoPesaNaSportPesa Just ask Samuel Abisai #221Milli

When SportPesa made a call to inform the Winner of his windfall, Mr. Samuel Abisai who resides in Nairobi was so overjoyed when he had learnt he is a Millionaire, that he left with a friend late at night to grab a drink – to help the news to sink in.

SportPesa will reveal the winner at a red-carpet ceremony at Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi at 10.30am.

“The consumer said he met his friend with whom they bet and as they were discussing what to do with the millions a call came through. The CEO advised the winner, who was screaming, to end his night out, to which he said, ‘I’m going home right away,” the statement said.

“Do you know who is calling you?” the caller asked. “No,” the winner responded.

After establishing the winner’s location, the caller then asked, “Have you watched football?”

“I was watching the Bordeaux game before going out to have a drink,” came the reply.

“Do you know SportPesa?”

“I know (SportPesa), I had placed a bet.”

“Had you bet on the mega jackpot?”


“What was the amount of the mega jackpot?”


Then came the bombshell: “My name is Captain Ronald Karauri, now, guess what? You have won Sh221,331,602, you are our first mega jackpot winner, congratulations!”

The winner then burst into delirious screams and laughter over the phone.

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The SportPesa boss then advised the winner who was screaming with joy to end his night out, to which he ecstatically responded, “I’m going home right away.”

“We are so happy for you. You are our first ever jackpot winner,” the CEO added.

The winner, who placed Sh200 on two Mega Jackpot picks of Sh100 each realised something monumental was in the offing as soon as the French top flight League 1 clash between Dijon FCO at home to Bordeaux ended 0-0 as guessed.

SPortPesa is truly making Winners, #IkoPesaNaSPortPesa


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